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Nordische Momente - Tiergeschichten aus Taiga und Tundra

The north, taiga and tundra, spectacular scenery that evokes a feeling of longing. The renowned nature photographers Werner Bollmann and Winfried Wisniewski have been there and captured this unique beauty with their cameras. From southern Sweden, where in spring flocks of migrating cranes gather, on to the far north of Norway and the seabird colonies of the Varanger Peninsula, from the fjords in the west to Finnish Karelia on the border with Russia, where majestic brown bears roam the forests.

Whether cranes, bears or eagles, the charismatic creatures of the north have always been much-loved by both these nature photographers. In the magical light of the midnight sun and the ice-cold northern winter, they tracked them down and captured them in pictures. A clear imagery along with sensitive and informative texts, make this book a true declaration of love to the north. Catch the north-land fever and let yourself be captivated by animal tales from taiga and tundra!

Foreword: Staffan Widstrand
Layout: Sandra Bartocha

Hardcover Edition, high-class thread binding 180 pages 147 photographies Large format 280 x 240 mm Language: German Edition: 1 (September 2011) Publisher: TiPP 4 GmbH Price: 34,90 ISBN: 978-3-9812944-3-9

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By buying this book you support in cooperation with the nonprofit foundation EURONATUR the protection of cranes in Europe.