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Thursday, July 07. 2011 - 01.00 PM

Hot experience

In June I visited the lowland rainforest of the Tanjung-Puting National Park in Borneo accompanied by two friends – Silvia Reis and Bernd Nill. For me it was the first experience with tropical rainforest. We made this trip mainly to take pictures of the Orangutans at the famous Camp Leakey, where Biruté Galdikas, the well-known primatologist made her studies about the “men of the forest”, which is the meaning of Orangutan in the Malaysian language. It was a remarkable trip in every way: It was so impressing to experience these quiet, slow-moving apes, to smell the wet forest floor and to hear the strange sounds of the animals in the canopy – birds, frogs and cicadas. And never before I’ve sweated that much, I’m absolutely sure. It was like working in a sauna. Photography in the rainforest was not easy. Most of the time a bright sun was shining and the contrasts in the jungle were nearly unmanageable. Moreover, as it was lowland rainforest and – at least partially – secondary jungle, there was a dense vegetation of palms, shrubs and lianas growing underneath the bigger trees, making the use of long lenses and tripods nearly impossible.
During our stay we lived on deck of a boat, called “klotok” in Indonesian language. From the boat we could do some photography of Proboscis Monkeys, but most of the time we walked into the jungle to take pictures. Although biodiversity is enormous in the tropical rainforest, it’s not easy to find any subjects, because most of the wildlife takes part in the canopy.
So, from a photographic point of view it was perhaps not one of the most successful trips I’ve ever done, but I really don’t want to miss this great experience, although it was sometimes hard to see the signs of environmental destruction such as oil palm plantations expanding to the borders of the National Park.

Thursday, July 07. 2011 - 10.00 AM

About Birds, Fish and Men

In the July issue of NaturFoto my article about the Dalmatian Pelicans in Greece has been published as a portfolio.

Thursday, May 26. 2011 - 10.00 AM

Flowerpower Jury

Last weekend I had once more the joy and honor to be part of the jury to the contest "GDT-European Wildlife Photographer of the Year", together with Ruth Eichhorn (Photo Editor GEO), Milan Radisics (Nature Photographer, Hungary), David Maitland (Nature Photographer, Great Britain) and Michael Lohmann (Nature Photographer and Vice President of the GDT). Nearly 14.000 pictures have been sent in, and although the pre-jury (Claudia Müller, Nature Photographer, Photo: Sandra Bartocha Germany) and Bruno D'Amicis (Nature Photographer, Italy) had done a great job as they reduced this huge amount of images to nearly 5.000, there was still a lot to do. The three days of the jury weekend were filled with debating, fighting and laughing. I think, we all have seen a lot, learned a lot and at the end all of us could really be happy with the results. It is always hard to see how many amazing pictures do not find their way into the final 81 winning images, especially in the final round when only great images are left and just ten can be chosen for each category. It is a very sad fact that after the rawfile-controll nearly a fourth of the images from the final selection had to be removed because of faking. We had to replace them which is a really hard job as the categories need to get a new consistence. That made the whole process needlessly complicated. Well, the job is done and I can hardly wait to see the winning images in the catalogue and exhibition in autumn.

Tuesday, April 12. 2011 - 01.00 PM

Article in Natur&Foto

In the last issue of the Norwegian Photomagazine "Natur&Foto" a photographer's portrait about myself has been published. Have a look here!

Wednesday, February 16. 2011 - 11.00 AM

A daily nature photo dosage

Since this week I’m member of the Nature Photo Blog ( Nine young, creative photographers from Estonia, Italy, Norway and Germany and me, the ”senior” of the team. Every day a new photo, every day new comments. Have a look!